Step 5: Dating Affairs – What Kind Do You Want?

Dating Affairs: What Type Of Affair Do You Really Want?

There are all kinds of affairs out there. What you need to ask yourself is what kind of dating affairr is it that you’re looking for that’s right for you? It’s also worth figuring out if there is only one type of affair that you are willing to have or would you be open to having several different types of affairs. Have a look at some of the different types of affairs that you can have to help you decide what interests you.

The No Strings Attached Dating Affairs

A no strings attached affair is a very common type of dating affair. This affair is short term and short lived with no commitment other than to meet up and hook up. This is very popular for members who want to have sex with no emotional involvement. If it’s that you’re only missing sex from your relationship and have everything else that you need from it, then a no strings attached affair is something that will be perfect for you. A lot of members say there’s nothing more thrilling than meeting someone for a quick sexy encounter and then never seeing or speaking with that person again. They love the naughty risk feeling that comes along with a one night stand.

The Casual Dating Affairs

This type of dating affair is for those who are looking to find someone to hook up with more than once, but not have a long-term thing. This is the type of dating affair where you will go on a few dates and hook up more than once, but it never turns into anything serious. You’ll find that these affairs are ones where you will never know when you are going to see each other next or even if you will see each other ever again. It’s a great type of affair if you don’t want to commit to anything long-term but if you’re looking for some companionship there’s someone you can message to fill that need.

The Long Term Dating Affairs

These are the affairs that go on for quite some time, often lasting for years. It’s not uncommon for these types of affairs to almost mirror a real relationship. Long-term dating affairs often become what a marriage is to most without the partners ever living together or having the actual piece of paper that says they are married. These are the affairs that pull you in emotionally. You will have a connection to the member that you’ve met that you aren’t soon to break. If you’re looking for something that will last, then a long-term dating affair is what you want.

Threesome Dating Affairs

There are two different kinds of affairs in this category. You can have a threesome dating affair with your spouse being part of the equation or you can have a threesome dating affair with two other members who are looking for the same thing as you. Threesomes are an interesting affair to have either way. If you decide to have one with you partner it’s often because you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom. This type of affair is for those who may be bored with what’s going on in the marital bed. A threesome affair with two other members from the affair dating sites is also common for those who are trying to live out fantasies and do not have the opportunity to do so with their spouse. Whichever threesome affair it is that you are looking to have, the best way to make it all work is to talk about everyone’s expectations right from the start.

Retaliation Dating Affairs

These are usually the affairs that happen because your partner has cheated on you, so you go out and find someone outside of your relationship to do the same with. Many think this is the best way to get back at their spouse, that it evens the playing field. There are instances where the original cheater will give their partner a free pass to get back at them so that the relationship is on the same level again. This is the trickiest of dating affairs, usually your spouse knows about it or will know about it and that often has it’s own set of consequences.

There are much more types of dating affairs out there and it seems like there are more popping up all the time. What anyone who is entering an affair needs to remember is that there is a chance that you will get caught and if that happens your relationship with your significant other will change forever. It’s best if you are prepared for anything when it comes to diving into an affair so that you are not shocked by anything that might happen.

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