The Top Five Ways To Make Yourself More Appealing

Top Five Ways To Make Yourself More Appealing For Your Affair

It’s one thing to get the guy or gal, it’s another thing keeping them. You’re having an affair, which means you need to stay on top of your game. There are somethings that you need to do to be more appealing.

1 – Looking Hot

This one is important. You gotta stay on top of the fitness. Get your pilates and hour a day in at the gym. Work out hard on those abs and glute muscles. Not to mention you got to keep your diet on point. Quit the snacking and start eating properly, otherwise your body will hate you in the end and no one wants that. Looking hot might not be everything, but it is pretty high on the list.

2 – Dressing For Your Body

Always know how to dress for your body. Don’t wear clothing that washes you out or makes you look fat. Don’t look lazy. Always look very well put together in nice clothing. Shop and get a new wardrobe if you have to. Always look good though. There is nothing worse than going out with your affair and she is in yoga pants and a baggy tank top. No sweats or gym clothing, no messy buns and always wear your heels high and your hair down.

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3 – Being A Good Person

Nothing is more attractive than a girl who is a good person. Whether you love animals or maybe you are great with children. Maybe you just always happen to have spare change for those in need. These little things drive a man crazy. Seeing your compassionate side will make him swoon for you even more. Donate to charity or volunteer with things you feel passionate for. Men love girls who are passionate.

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4 – Having A Healthy Sexual Appetite

We are not saying be a fox in the bed all the time. However, we encourage you to have some healthy sexual appetite. Be adventurous. Surprise him with a trench coat and nothing else. give into your animal urges with him. It doesn’t need to be all the time, but when the moment strikes, it should be hot and steamy and leave him wanting to leave his wife for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new, he will be so grateful.


5 – Being Polite

Always say “please” and “thank you.” Smile and hold the door open and let older people take your seat on the subway. Simple things like this will make others see how nice of a person you are inside and out.

These simple steps will help you look better in his eyes and him want to spend way more time with you. You’ll be thanking us later, we know it.

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