Have Yourself An Affair That’s Half Your Age Can Be Fun

Having An Affair With A Younger Girl

We understand that college girls are hot. We totally get this. So, why not have an affair with one of them? College girls bring something new and fun to the table. Why not try out having a dating affair with a younger girl and make yourself feel young again. Just because you are not in college anymore, does not mean you can’t act like you are. Find a cheerleader, or sorority sister and start having some really fun. They can be your time machine back to a simpler time.

They Are Young, Dumb and Full Of Fun

College girls have a reputation about themselves. It’s their first time being away from home and exploring this new found freedom on their own. They want to stay out all night, drink as much as they can and well… meet any guy they want. This makes them perfect for an affair. They have the freedom to have a guy spend the night and they want to take advantage of that.

They Will Try Anything Once

The best thing about college girls is that most of them are sexually inexperienced to the different ways of love making. Which means they are usually up for anything that you want to try. As they say ‘theres a time and place for everything and its called college’. This is your chance to try new fun things with a young hot girl who just wants to please.

Double Your Dating gives you the tips you need to date someone younger than yourself and how to be cool doing it.

They Usually Have Daddy Issues

This is just a plain and simple fact of life. Young girls nowadays often have daddy issues and will fall for an older guy in no time at all. They will want to please you and make you happy and proud and they will do anything to get there. This means you get to reap all the benefits of that. There’s nothing wrong with a little daddy issues if it means you get to have the hot girl you would’ve never got to have in high school.

There are so many reasons why you should date younger women, it’s healthy and socially acceptable now. Huffington Post agrees with us in their article about why older men should date younger women.

They Make You Feel Young Again

Unlike your wife, they want to go out and have fun and do things without even thinking about it. They make you feel young and sexy. They become a time machine that brings you back to your college days of playing football and drinking beer bongs and just enjoying life without a care in the world. They remind you of a time when you had no responsibilities. This alone will make any grown man feel great again. Your college football days may be long over, but those college parties could just be beginning again.

They are a few common mistakes that men make when they pursue younger women, so try not to make them yourself and you will be fine. Read up on them here.

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