How To Have A Secret Affair With Someone You Know

How To Have An Affair With Someone You Know

Having an affair can be tricky. Having an affair with someone you know can be traitorous. Sometimes you can’t help it, you see an old friend and a spark happens. You see an ex girlfriend from college and emotions begin to stir. Things just happen, and you can’t control your emotions. So, how do you have an amazing affair with someone you know without getting found out? Let us help you.

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Always Keep It Casual In Public

You decide to have drinks with an old friend fully knowing an affair is about to start. When in public, keep the table between the two of you and always have at least a foot of space between you guys at all times. Keep the touching to a minimum. End the night with a friendly hug. Then get in separate cabs and meet at the same place.

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How To Face Them With Your Wife

When it comes to meeting your affair in public when you are with your wife, just act casual. Introduce the two of them. Explain how you know each other. Whether it’s through work or friends or college. There’s no need to hide the fact that you know each other, considering they’re an old friend. If your wife knows them, then there is no need for an explanation at all, so you are set. Just make sure whoever you are having an affair with isn’t a chatty Cathy.

When it comes to dinner parties and social gatherings, you two may be at. Make sure you don’t act any different around them. You want your wife to think that you have friends and can be a friendly guy, but not too friendly. Don’t sneak off to the coat room just because you think it might be fun. This leaves the door open for you to get caught and that is the last thing you want. Not to mention, causing a scene in a public place is humiliating and that will bite you in the ass when it comes time to sign those divorce papers. So keep yourself on lockdown. At social events, be social, but remember you are married.

Abuse The Trust

It might not be the greatest thing to say, but it rings the truest. If your wife knows that the two of you are friends, she will be comfortable leaving the two of you alone. This means you get a chance to go wild in your own bed without your wife being any the wiser. Having the trust there, and knowing she is ok with you two being alone together, can make it all the more exciting. She will have no idea and you will be able to enjoy your affair in private all you want.

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