Tips And tricks On How To Keep The Conversation Hot

How To Keep The Conversation Hot

Going out on first dates can be hard. Dating in general can be hard as well. How do you keep a conversation going? How do you keep sounding interesting even long after the first date is done? How do you sound funny while also sounding sexy, while also sounding intriguing? It’s hard and there’s a lot of nerves that go with it. Here are some tips and tricks to keep the conversation going and make things interesting.

Eye Contact

Make sure you maintain good eye contact, without, of course, looking like a psycho. It is scientifically proven that maintaining strong eye contact can have a romantic effect in the other person. It shows them that they have your full attention and that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

A Little Light Touching

During the conversation, don’t be afraid every now and then to gently touch his arm, even just for a brief moment. It’ll show that you are attracted to him. That you want him. If you are a man, then watch for the strap of her dress to slip off her shoulder and fix it for her. Gently touch her thigh with the backs of your knuckles for a brief moment. It’ll send tingles up her spine.

A few ways to make your conversation a bit more meaningful from the lovely people over at

Be Interesting

Don’t always talk about how your favorite show is How I Met Your Mother and how you just wished that Ted chose Robin. Spoiler alert, he does. Get over it. Talk about how you recently back packed across Europe and discuss culture. If you like fashion talk about how Paris fashion week is your dream, the city at night is beautiful and the gowns are just to die for.

A conversation should be fun and boring or dull, here are some other ways to keep things exciting.

Ask Them Questions

Don’t always be talking about yourself. Sometimes you have to open up and talk about the other person. What do they like? What do they want to do in the next five years? Where have they traveled to? Be interested in them as much as they are interested in you. There are a million conversation starters out there, so use one of them and spark something hot up.

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Find Out What He Likes

If you read on his affair dating profile that he likes fishing and going to Vegas, do some research and talk to him about his hobbies. When it comes to Vegas, we all have a good story from a trip or two. Plus, it might put the idea in his head that you might want to make a little weekend get away with him. That wouldn’t be so bad now, would it?

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