A Bunch Of Tips On How To Look For Your Dating Affair

Looking Good For Your Affair

We all have different reasons for having affairs, but the fact of the matter is, we all want someone attractive. Being with someone who is out of your league is a confidence boost, it makes you feel good about yourself. It also proves that if things go bad, you can get someone hotter. So, whether you are looking to cheat or just looking for someone married to have fun with, make sure you look hot.

Your Diet

No more junk food. Cut it out. It is gone. You don’t need it and it is not helping you. Junk food, contains fats and salts, which make you fat, not to mention they ruin your complexion. Stick to eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, etc. These foods will give you energy and also give your body the nutrients it needs. Avoid drinking as much as possible. A glass of wine or a beer here or there can be ok, but don’t drink to excess anymore. Dairy and grains can make you bloat, so try to stay away from them as often as possible. Drink all the water, all the time.

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This should be the obvious and important one. We aren’t saying that you need to have a six pack, but you should definitely be taking care of your body. 45 mins of exercise a day is enough to accompany a healthy diet and make you look hot. If you want to spend a good chunk of your time at the gym, that is awesome as well. No one will hate you for it. Just make sure that you are active. Find a hobby that keeps you active like racquetball or training for a marathon. Having a hobby that keeps you active will help improve a lot about yourself. Especially your attitude.

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Your Morning Routine

To each his own on this one, but we recommend starting your day with light exercise maybe yoga or a jog. Have a nice warm shower, wash your hair and face, shave if need be. Moisturize your skin once you are out. For women, put on your makeup if you wear any and blow dry your hair on low or cold. Men, shave your face and toss a bit of product in those locks. Throw on some deodorant and get into your nicely laid out clothing. Have a healthy breakfast and you are set to start the day.

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Your Nightly Routine

Before you hit the hay, try a bit of meditation, maybe some cool down yoga. Remove all your make up from the day and wash your face. Go to your closet and lay out your clothing for the next day and curl up in bed with a book and a glass of water.

Do this every day and you will look and feel amazing for your affair. They will thank you for it for sure.

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