Types Of People Who Are Most Likely To Cheat In Life

People Who Are More Likely To Cheat

Anyone can have an affair, that’s fair to say. However, there are certain types of people who are more likely to have one based on statistics, personal accounts and social factors. There are certain people out there who are more amp for cheating. It’s just the structure of the lifestyle they have chosen. Don’t blame the career though, they are just following their passion.


With all the scandals about students and teachers having affairs, it’s no surprise that teachers are high on the list of people most likely to cheat. Having that power over a younger age bracket can be very appealing. Not to mention the reverse is true as well. Hooking up with a teacher is how many pornos start and every male student has once in their lives thought about it.


Screaming fans, groupies, tour buses. Really, you should know what you are getting into when you date a musician. Gene Simmons openly talks about how many women he has bedded over the years, and his wife doesn’t seem to care (at least on screen anyways). Musicians have girls throwing themselves at them all the time, and they can only refuse for so long before giving into the rock and roll lifestyle. That’s what a tour bus is for anyways.

Why do certain people feel the need to cheat? Truth About Deception gives us a closer look.


Photographers for fashion and magazines see beautiful people on a hour to hour basis. Some of them are new to the scene and some have been around forever and know the ropes. However, all models understand that when you are alone with a photographer, he controls whether or not you are going to look hot. The thrill of that thought can cause even the best of us to give in. It’s complete vanity and it’s just as enjoyable.


To begin with, actors are pouring their emotions into every scene they do. A good actor will give 100% and more. This means when a sex scene happens, they are also putting their heart and soul on the line. This can lead to attraction, which can lead to going back to someone’s dressing room for a private rehearsal. It happens constantly.

10 types of people who will cheat on you as told by Your Tango


There’s a saying that goes ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’, and it can be very true. Now this does not apply to all cheaters because you can cheat and then never do it again. We are talking about the people who cheat all the time. They will 100% cheat again. It’s in their DNA.

Rich Men

Money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can sure as hell buy the affection of so many girls. Every party girl out there loves a guy who flashes his cash and flips her bar bill. Those are the men who are also mostly likely to cheat.

Science tells us that these types of people are more likely to cheat? Think you’re on that list? Go to Life Buzz and find out.

Do you fit into these categories? Do you care? Live your life how you want to! We’re just suppling you with the facts!

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