The Difference Between Emotional And Physical Cheating

The Difference Between Emotional And Physical Cheating

Not all cheating is having sex, just like not all sex is emotional. Having an affair doesn’t mean the two people are having sex, and it also doesn’t mean that there is some greater emotional connection. There is a difference between the two types of affairs you can have. We want to put them in a way that makes you understand what you are getting into.

What Is Emotional Cheating?

Emotional cheating is when you find solace in someone else. You find that connection you were missing. You laugh with them, you confide in them, you just want to tell them how your day was and you want to know how theirs was. You are attracted to their personality. They become a best friend that you are in love with.

Whether it turns sexual or not, you find yourself always wanting to be with them. You want to text them every moment of the day. When something happens, you want to tell them about it first, good or bad. You want to celebrate their happiness and embrace their joy.

Just because you don’t have sex, doesn’t mean you aren’t having some type of affair. This type is different in the sense that there is no running around. It is just you and another person spending time together and being happy. You found something you thought you had lost in this person.

About Relationships explains the major differences between emotional and physical cheating on their website.

What Is Physical Cheating?

This is the obvious brand of cheating. Having sex with another person. This is the kind of cheating that is often associated with having an affair. You cheat for many reasons. You’re lonely, you want love, you want power or you want something that is missing in your life. You turn to someone outside of your relationship.

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With physical cheating, there comes new territory. You have the sneaking around, the deleting of photos, and the double checking to see if she left any marks on your body or a hint of lipstick on your shirt. There’s the fear of getting caught with your pants down. However, sexual release is something we all need and if you aren’t getting it from your partner, you need to find it elsewhere.

In this article HERE, it discusses the signs that you might be an emotional cheater for the sole purpose that you might not be ready for a physical affair.

Whether you need someone to talk to or you need someone to have sex with, there is something out there for all of you. You just need to trust that you know what you are doing. Emotionally speaking, you could just need nothing more than a hug and a good conversation a few times a week. Physically speaking, you might need someone to spend your nights with. Neither are wrong.

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