A Few Tips And Advice On Having Your Very First Affair

Tips For Your First Affair

Well you have made the first step in finding yourself an affair, you have sought out information. We are here to offer you up some tips and tricks to help you have a fairly easy going experience with your first time affair. Let us help you become a quick pro at dating affairs.

Here are some helpful tips to help you not get caught.

Never Give Them Your Home Line

This should seem like an easy choice to make, but it becomes second nature to give out your home number. Do not make this mistake. Having an affair call the home will immediately bring all hell down on you. So always make sure to give them your cell number and put them in your phone as someone else’s name, better yet, a guy friend’s name Your wife will never suspect it when a guy calls you late at night.

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Get Good At Lying

This is the most important rule we can offer up. You need to get good at lying. Being that this is your first time, you will get nervous, you will stumble over your words. What you need to do is while you are driving to work, practice your lies. Practice your reactions, practice what you will say. This is your chance to come up with good excuses as to why you aren’t home or who you are with.

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Make Sure You Trace Your Steps

Whether she was in your home or in your car or just pressed up against you, make sure you double check everything. You don’t leave a shred of evidence lying around. No lost earring, no smudge of lipstick on your collar. Always do the double check. Make sure you keep some form of body spray near by just in case she happens to be wearing a lot of perfume. You don’t want to coming home smelling like another woman. Most of all, don’t be a teenager. Never ever let her leave a mark on your body. Whether it’s her nails or a hickey, whatever. Make sure there is no marks on your body of any kind.

Always Remind Your Wife You Love Her

Remember the old saying that a happy wife is a happy life? Well this is your chance to put that into action. Always make sure your wife is happy. Surprise her with flowers and romantic dinners. Make sure you remind her that she is beautiful and that you love her. Doing this makes it seem like you have nothing to hide.

It’s rather easy when it comes to your first affair, and as long as you can keep your cool, then you are golden. Once you master dating one affair, you will be moving up to affairs two or three. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do. You will be a professional in no time. We hope these tips have helped ease your nerves a bit.

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