The Reasoning Behind Why Women Cheat On Their Husbands

Reasons Why Women Cheat

It’s more often than not the men that find themselves cheating. However, with women being more active members of society and coming into their own as a gender, they have begun cheating more now. Back in the 50s when women had little to no rights, they barely cheated and staying with a man was their best options. Now women have more options than ever, which they rightfully deserve. So why are women becoming more amped to cheat?

They Feel Unloved

When their husband begins to ignore them or focus more on their job, then their wives begin to feel like they aren’t worth anything. They begin to feel unloved. Their husband no longer touches them. So, they turn outside their marriage to find fulfillment. They want someone to love them again the way they used to. Sharing an emotional connection is a big deal for women and when they lose that with the person that they are with, they need to find it somewhere else.

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They Want To Feel Sexy

Having an affair can open up a new door for women who haven’t been feeling as sexy lately. All they want is someone to find them attractive. To want them. When their husbands stop doing that, they look for it in another man. Someone who finds them irresistible. Every woman deserves to feel sexy. They still want to hear it from someone.

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They Like The Power

Having total control isn’t just for men anymore. Women love feeling like they have power in situations, including their love lives. Women want to feel like they can do anything just the same as men, including having an affair. Having an affair gives them a feeling of power. Women like that being powerful is something they can be nowadays. They want to have control in all aspects of their life.

Low Self Esteem

It sucks to say it, but it rings true with both sexes. Women will cheat because they have a low self-esteem and they need someone to want them, or find them pretty. They need to get built up. When you stop valuing yourself, you start looking for other people to value you, which leads to having an affair.

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They Need Something More

Sometimes someone can get everything they want and it’s just not enough. Some would call this greedy, but others would call it ambitious. They want it all and they want it now. Don’t they deserve to want something more out of their life? Life can seem dull doing the same thing every day. They need some excitement and they need something to make them feel alive.

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