Good Reasons Why You Should Only Date Married Men

Why You Should Only Date Married Women

It is becoming more and more of a common thing for women to want to get involved with a married man. They have no intention of home wrecking by any means, it’s just fun and there’s less of a commitment there. We interviewed a few women and they gave us some insight and we have posted the top four reasons as to why women love dating married men.

No Strings Attached

Your relationship with them is 100% temporary. There is no strings attached, there is no commitment. If he gets annoying or clingy, you can let him go back to his wife. If he’s struggling, it’s not really your problem. His wife gets to deal with all the messy aspects of his life. You get the fun guy who wants to have fun and sleep in late and cuddle you at night. You don’t need to fully be there for him, just enough that he keeps coming back. You also know that he will be fine if you end things, because he can just go back to his wife. His built in support system.

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It Gives You What You Need For Now

Most women can’t fully commit to someone, which is why dating a married man is perfect. He can’t fully commit to you either so you just spend your time having sex and going for drinks. You get the fun parts of the relationship. You don’t want to get in deep enough that you fall in love, but you also want someone there to hug you at night. Maybe not every night, but some nights. You don’t need someone around all the time and you like your space. However, once or twice a week it’s nice to have someone come by. It’s a relationship, but it’s not a full relationship, which is great for you.

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The Thrill Is Sexy

There is not one thing in this world sexier than the thrill of getting caught. It’s why people have sex in public places, it’s why we push ourselves to right to the edge. We don’t want to get caught, but we always want to know that at any moment, his wife could just walk in. That alone is a great reason to date a married man.

He Can’t Get Mad About Cheating

You have the freedom to see other people and there’s nothing he can do about it. Basically meaning you can have your cake and eat it too. What is he going to do? Start a fight about cheating when that’s exactly what he’s doing with you? It’s perfect for those who can’t fully commit to someone. You want to date, but you don’t want to stop having casual affairs.

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We have given you some good chunks of food for thought when it comes to how to reasons for dating a married man.

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