Tips for Affair Dating

Why Not Try Dating Someone Older Or The Same Age As You?

Having An Affair With An Older Woman

Having affairs can be great, but when you have nothing in common with the 20 year old who only talks about her sorority and how Kim Kardashian is basically her spirit animal? Find an affair that is your age, maybe even older. Once you go older, you can’t get much bolder.

Older Women Have Been Around The Block

They understand that sometimes you need someone who just gets where you are coming from. Someone your age understands that life can be difficult, you fall in and out of love all the time. You want someone who …

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Some Helpful Tips To Vacation With Your Dating Affair

Vacationing With Your Affair

You want to go on all these vacations, but you have no interest in actually going with your wife. You really want to take your girlfriend. So how do you go about doing that without it getting found out that you are having an affair? Well we are here to help you with that. Not to mention sometimes the best vacations are stay-cations.

Reason For Vacationing ‘Alone’

Telling your wife you want to vacation alone can be tricky. You need to proceed with caution in this aspect. First off, let her know how stressful things have been lately with …

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Bringing Sex Toys In To The Relationship To Spice It Up

Bringing Sex Toys Into The Relationship

When it comes to keeping things hot and steamy in the bedroom, why not try bringing in some sex toys? They can be fun and playful and open your eyes up to a new world of something you never thought you wanted.

Butt Plugs

These can be fun and exciting if you have never used one. Some women find the pressure against the back of the vagina very pleasurable. While men have their main pleasure center in their back door. If you have never used one before, start small and go from there. They can be a …

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How To Get Extremely Good At Lying To Your Spouse

How To Get Better At Lying

A lot of people think that lying is something that just comes easy and naturally. However, when they need to lie, they stumble over their words. Lying can be easy if you know the proper tricks and tips to get yourself out of the dog house. Use our helpful suggestions and you will be a pro at lying in no time.

Don’t just take our word for it, go to Life Hacker for more tips on how to successfully lie.
Never Say I Don’t Know

If she wonders why there’s an earring in your car that doesn’t belong …

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How To Not Become A Sugar Daddy For Your Dating Affair

Don’t Be A Sugar Daddy

The reason you get into an affair is because you need someone there. However, some girls take that as meaning you will pay for their life in exchange for their discretion. This is something you probably don’t want. You don’t want to be a sugar daddy. If it is something you want, we can refer you to other sites more suited for your needs. However, we are here to help you have an affair and not be a sugar daddy. You might be able to lie with the best of them, but your credit card bill …

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What To Do If You Run Into Your Affair In Public

What To Do If You Run Into Your Affair In Public

This can be one of the most terrifying things to ever happen to you. Running into your affair in public can lead to the downfall of everything you have worked so hard to build. This can be stressful to say the least. Here is what you do to help you get through this without blowing your cover.

Immediately Introduce Your Spouse

Before they even have a chance to say anything about last night, say “So and So, this is my lovely wife, Sheila.” That way she knows to keep her mouth shut …

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Fun Ways To Help Keep Things Extra Sexy In The Bedroom

How To Keep Things Sexy In The Bedroom

Having an affair can be hot and steamy all on its own, but why not take it to the next level? Why not make things a little bit more interesting? The whole point of the affair is to explore something new and exciting. Spicing things up in the bedroom can mean all sorts of things.

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Bringing In Sex Toys

Now sex toys can be very fun and open your world up to something new. Start small, get a cock ring and see how …

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Most Common Reasons As To Why We Cheat On Our Spouses

Why We Cheat

This has a been topic of discussion or years up on years now. Even decades maybe. However, we have proven the reasons as to why we cheat. With our team of experts, our patrons personal accounts and scientific studies we can for sure tell you why people cheat.

A Lack Of Love

Marriages often fail because the love fails. You stop being in love with that person. It’s nobody’s fault, but emotions change and that’s okay. This is where people turn out side of the relationship to find the love that they lost. 32% of people who have affairs say …

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How To Deal With Social Media When Having An Affair

Social Media And Dating Affairs

We live in a time where having a Facebook or Instagram account is second nature. We all have them. The question is how do you have a successful marriage and a successful affair while dealing with everything being online nowadays. The answers are quite simple, you can enjoy the freedom and access that social media gives you while also not throwing away everything you have worked so hard to accomplish.

Don’t Friend Them

This should be straightforward, but never the less let’s talk about it. Never friend your affair on anything. This can only lead to trouble. Put …

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How To Maintain Having A Sexy Long Distance Affair

How To Maintain A Long Distance Affair

Sometimes affairs are not in the same city as you. Sometimes they are a few towns over, maybe even overseas. Don’t let this stop you from having it a be successful affair. This gives you an excuse to travel, it gives you somewhere to go when you’re going out of town. Having a long distance affair can be a bit harder work, but the pay off can be a lot sweeter.

Check out more of the ups and downs of long distance love affairs as told by the Doctor Nerdlove.
Why They Work

Long Distance affairs work …

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