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I’ve been on for over a year and I have never been happier! My affairs are wonderful and so much fun and my marriage is better than ever! I’m not the kind of guy who is looking for a steady affair (I find it too much like having a second relationship), but I’ve found that monogamy just isn’t for me. Before using AffairsClub, I was getting restless in my marriage and bitter towards my wife. Having access to different sexual partners has made a HUGE difference in my happiness and my attitude towards my relationship with my wife.

The Beginning:

One of the first things you will notice about is its layout. It’s a design that is extremely easy to understand and navigate and is one of the first things about AffairsClub that I fell in love with. Signing up is just as easy to understand and navigate, as well. All you need to do is pick a username and then enter your birthday and email address and you have your very own account!

The Results:

I’ve been using for just over a year now so to get my results for three months on the side I did an average of all my results for a three month span.

  • 120 sent messages
  • 84 received responses
  • 47 meetups planned
  • 30 affair hookups

So on an average three months on, I sent about 120 messages and get approximately 84 in return. Out of every 84 conversations I have I tend to set up 47 meets and out of those 47 usually about 30 actually happen. The meetings I have cancelled are generally due to last minute schedule conflicts with their husbands or a fear that their husbands are on to them. Overall though, most women you will meet on AffairsClub will go through with the affair and do the deed with you. On average, I have 10 affair hookups each and every month using

Tips, Tricks, & Tactics

Being on makes it pretty easy to be successful, but there are definitely a few tips and tricks you can use to better your chances of finding more affairs:

  • Make A Great Profile: I know this sounds like common sense, but I’ve seen so many bad profiles on AffairsClub that I can tell that it obviously isn’t common sense to everybody. So, first of all, make sure you have a nice profile picture. It’s the first thing that other members are going to see and if you don’t have one you are likely going to be ignored completely. I’ve also been told by women on AffairsClub that photos of your crotch are not attractive. You want to leave a good impression so make sure you look good and use a good quality photo. Second, make sure you fill out your profile with information. While you don’t want to reveal everything for safety’s sake, you do want to include information that a potential partner may be intrigued by like interests or hobbies or sexual preferences. Women I’ve talked to about it have said that guys with nothing in their profile come off as creepy and that’s definitely not something that will help you.
  • Use The Advanced Search:’s advanced search is much better suited to helping you find a match that will work for you than the basic search is. With the basic search you can only look for women based on age range and location, but with the advanced search you can also look based on height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, body hair type (if you specifically like your women shaved or hairy, etc.), languages spoken, whether they have piercings or tattoos, whether they are smokers or drinkers, and a whole bunch of sexual preferences.
  • Upgrade Your Membership: If you stick with just the free membership you will be missing out on a lot of connections, not to mention a lot of AffairsClub’s features. When you upgrade your membership you get access to the advanced search, more communication features (instant messaging and video messaging), and your profiles will show up higher in the searches of other members. It’s not that expensive either, so it’s nothing that your wife is going to notice go missing from the ol’ bank account or anything. They also bill you under a really generic sounding name so there won’t be any suspicion.

As for tactics, I’m not really sure what mine are, but I’ll give you some examples of messages that I commonly have success with on AffairsClub:

  • Successful Message Example #1: “Hi there, Shannon. I saw from your profile that you are interested in Korean cuisine. There’s an amazing place downtown that I could take you, if you’re interested.”
  • Successful Message Example #2: “Hi there, Bella. You said on your profile that you like to collect things. I like to collect things,too! I collect records and old cook books. What kind of things do you collect? I’d love to see your collections sometime! ”

Messages like these show women that you not only took the time to write them a personalized message, but that you have looked at their profiles and that you want to get to know them better. Messages like these are what I have had the most success with, by far.

The Best:

affairdatingsites has so much good going on that it’s hard to even figure out which aspects I would call the “best”. I think that fact that I have 10 amazing, sexy affairs every month is the best thing, really, but off the top of my head I can also think of:

  • Live Member Cams: If you have an upgraded membership you can check out the AffairsClub live member cams. Many members on are looking for attention outside their marriage but can’t always get away from the house or don’t want to make the plunge into sex just yet. These are the members you will find on webcam, putting on shows and waiting to chat with you.
  • Hookup Guarantee: I didn’t have to use it, and I doubt you will either, but in case you have any lingering hesitation about joining, they have a 100% hookup guarantee!

The Worst:

Hmm. I don’t know if there’s anything that I find bad about I guess you could say that it’s a bit competitive, but that’s not a problem if you put in some effort and pay attention to helpful tips and tricks. AffairsClub is almost perfectly split down the middle with 50% men and 50% women, which is actually a much better ratio than most of the affair dating and regular dating sites out there. That’s really the “worst” thing I can think of and it’s almost a non-issue.

The Verdict: is the BEST site for affairs! I have had a ton of personal success on this site and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to find sex and also save their marriage. AffairsClub is easy to use, has a ton of members, and is totally discreet! If you’re looking for an affair, this is the site you want to join.

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