Beware: Is A Site Built On LIES!

Beware: Is A Site Built On LIES! A Real User Review

ashley-madison-affair-dating-scam is nothing but a big, gross scam! They stole my money, sold my personal information, and threatened me when I told them I wanted my money back! Unfortunately for me, this all happened before they got hacked, so I didn’t know any better. Anyone who joins AshleyMadison now, knowing what we know about them, has to be some kind of sucker. I mean, the hack revealed that AshleyMadison has almost NO real women. It revealed a lot of other things too, but an affair site with no women is enough to make me stay away from it.

The Beginning:

Do not be fooled by AshleyMadison’s homepage promises! They claim to have almost 50,000,000 members. Just think about that for a second. If that was true, then basically half of all married people in America would be members. That’s insane. And a lie. Because is a scam. Joining AshleyMadison is easy and fast, which is why they have so many “members” (the hack also revealed that most of their members signed in once and never signed in again, most likely out of curiosity). They are also almost an impossible site to quit. When you quit AshleyMadison, you have two choices: leave your profile on the site and never log back in, or pay to have your profile taken down. Guess which one most people choose?

The Results:

The results I had with were deplorable. I believed in the site at first and I spent a lot of my time sending messages to other members on the site. I never got any replies. The only messages I ever got were from fake profiles:

  • 372 messages sent by me
  • 137 messages from fake women
  • 2 threatening emails
  • 1 giant scam
  • 0 affairs

I honestly don’t know if I ever received a single message from a real woman on Ashley Madison. I don’t believe I did and chances are I didn’t, according to the numbers reported after the hack. I’m going to share some stats I found, so that I can show you that it isn’t just me saying this. After AshleyMadison was hacked, a reporter named Annalee Newitz analyzed the data and found out that only somewhere between 1,500 and 10,000 real women existed on the site. And most of those profiles weren’t even active. The rest of the “female” profiles were all fakes made by AshleyMadison. The only thing real I ever got from was the threatening emails they sent me when I told them I wanted my money back. I didn’t think to take a screenshot of my emails before I deleted them (I am still trying to hide all this from my wife, obviously), but I know that I’ve seen a few of them online that were just like the ones they sent me. They told me that if I tried to get my money back they would sent documents to my house saying what the charges were for, basically threatening to tell my wife that I was trying to have an affair.

The Worst:


Everything about is heinous.

  • Fake Women: All the “women” on are fake. As I said before, they have proven that only somewhere between 1,500 and 10,000 profiles belong to real women… out of an apparent 50 million. There is no point in being on an affair site that has basically no women and is instead filled with fake profiles and bots.
  • NOT Discreet: Obviously Ashley Madison cannot be trusted when it comes to discreetness. When the hack happened, every member on their site was exposed. Not only that, but they sent me a ton of emails and sold my information to other sites that started sending me spam mail.
  • Threats: The people behind AshleyMadison have no souls. What kind of affair site threatens to out members who rightfully ask for their money back?!

The Verdict:

DO. NOT. USE. ASHLEYMADISON.COM! You don’t even have to take my word for it. All you have to do is look at the hard facts about this site to see that is a giant scam.

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