DiscreetAdventures Cost Me My Marriage – Do Not Join!

DiscreetAdventures Cost Me My Marriage – Do Not Join!

DiscreetAdventures.com: A Real User Review


For a site with the word “discreet” in its name, DiscreetAdventures.com is anything but! This site is nothing but a scam! Unfortunately, I didn’t do my research before joining DiscreetAdventures.com and it cost me my marriage. Joining this site was the worst thing I ever did with my life. Hopefully you will read my review and my story here today and not make the same mistake that I did. I hope that something good can come from all of this and I can save at least one person that reads this.

The Beginning:

At first, DiscreetAdventures seems like any other affair dating site. When you go to join, they ask you for who you are, who you are looking for, your age, and your location. Simple, right? That’s how Discreet Adventures got me, and it is how they will get countless others after me, too. Once you get on the site, they ask you for a LOT more personal information before you can actually get on the site. They want to know your exact address, your credit card information, your income, all your physical attributes, your religion, your marital status, information about your wife… everything. And as you are contemplating whether you should answer any of this, they tell you there are messages waiting for you and that you have to answer everything before you can look at them. My manhood took over from there, and I filled out everything without a second thought. And those messages that were waiting? They were from fake profiles made by DiscreetAdventures specifically to make me do what I had just done.

The Results:


Since I was already on the site, I tried my best to make it work. I sent out messages to every female profile listed in my area that I thought might possibly be real. I only heard back from 12 of them. Six were fake profiles made by DiscreetAdventures.com and six were prostitutes looking for new Johns.

  • 305 messages sent
  • 12 messages received
  • 1 ruined marriage
  • 0 affairs


It didn’t take long for my wife to find out about my attempt at affair dating. I don’t know whether it was the emails, or the credit card bills, or something else, but one day she told me she knew that I was on DiscreetAdventures and that she was leaving me. And that was that. My marriage to my wife was over for good. I didn’t even get to have an affair!

The Worst:

DiscreetAdventures.com is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, but their worst offences would have to be the following:

  • No Sense Of Discreetness: Discreet Adventures asks you for way more personal information than they need and then use it to scam you. They send you a ton of emails with information about cheating right in the subject line. They sell your information to third parties that also email you about sex or affairs. They bill your credit card without your permission and use “Discreet Adventures Affairs” right on your bill! And then what? Are you going to try to sue them ? How are you going to explain that one to your wife? There is no possible way to hide everything they throw at you from your spouse.
  • No Real Women: There are a lot of men on Discreet Adventures, but no real women that I ever encountered. There were lots of female profiles, but all of them were either really old and inactive or obviously fake. I messaged every single one that I thought might be real, but I never received a single response.
  • SCAM: Discreet Adventures just wants your money and doesn’t care about finding you an affair or being discreet. They are a SCAM, plain and simple.

The Verdict:

DiscreetAdventures.com is a SCAM that will cost you your money and your marriage. If you are truly looking to have a safe and discreet affair that your spouse won’t find out about, this is NOT the site to do it on. DO NOT JOIN DISCREETAFFAIRS.COM!

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