I Would Never Recommend Gleeden To Any Women I Know!

I Would Never Recommend Gleeden To Any Women I Know!

Gleeden.com: A Real User Review


They told me that usually men write these reviews of married dating sites, but I think women need to know which sites to avoid, too! My experience with Gleeden was so annoying that I just have to get it out there and tell other women about it. They say that Gleeden is “made for women, by women”, but I don’t know any women who would want what this site has to offer. Gleeden.com thinks they’ve got it all, but I can tell you from experience that they don’t. Gleeden is nothing but the failed dream of its lousy creators. Gleeden has nothing to offer women. NOTHING. I would never recommend Gleeden.com to any woman I know.

The Beginning:

Gleeden looks all fancy and legit, but they are nothing but a cheap scam. Don’t let their homepage fool you. Once you get onto the site it’s nothing but bare bones: basic profiles pages and a weak messenger system. There’s nothing to do and nothing to see, unless you’re a lesbian. Just a few minutes of searching will lead you to the same conclusion I ended up at: there are no men on Gleeden.com.

The Results:

Me, being admittedly a fool, paid for a Gleeden membership up front. I was so tired of affair dating site scams at this point that I just really wanted to believe in the power of women to make a successful site, you know? But, as you can see from my results below that I had absolutely NO luck on this site. The only reason I stuck around longer than a day or two was because I was trying to get my money back (which I also have absolutely NO luck with).

  • 74 messages sent
  • 4 replies received
  • 0 dates
  • 0 hookups
  • 0 affairs

When I searched for men in my area, there were literally no search results. Nothing. When I spread my sights a little bit wider, a few did pop up, but still nothing to write home about. I widened even further, to an area about 6 hours from my location in every direction. I got 80 results. I messaged 74 of them, hoping that maybe one or two might travel my way for work or something, but no such luck. Most of them didn’t even reply to me and their profiles said they hadn’t been online in over six months. The closest guy I talked to lived two and a half hours away and there’s no way I could swing that without my husband knowing. And he wasn’t even cute!

The Worst:

There is nothing good about Gleeden.com.

  • NO MEN: Seriously, where are all the men at?! I’m not interested in a lesbian affair, so how does this work?!
  • Lousy Price: Even if Gleeden did have men, I still think I massively overpaid for my membership, considering what they give you in return.
  • TERRIBLE Customer Service: When I told Gleeden that I wanted my money back, they told me that wasn’t an option. I argued that I was paying to meet MEN on their site and that they were not fulfilling their end of the deal. They told me to be patient, and the men would come. This isn’t Field Of Dreams, bitch. I’m not just going to pay you to hang out on your front lawn until a man walks by. Gleeden is garbage, and it’s customer service is even more garbagey.

The Verdict:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and oh, have I been scorned. Listen up, ladies, ‘cause I got something to say: If you want women to like your affair dating site, then you have to work on attracting MEN, not WOMEN! What good is an affair dating site that is friendly for women but completely void of any male members?! And if you ARE going to have some shitty, ass-backwards affair dating site like that, then don’t get all high and mighty when your members want their hard-earned money back. I will NEVER click on Gleeden.com again for as long as I live and I suggest you do the same.

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