Review: Users Say It’s #1 Online! Review: Users Say It’s #1 Online! A Real User Reviewnostringsattached-affair-dating has been around for longer than I have been married and has been finding people successful affairs for more than fourteen years. At this point I don’t think they need their worth to be proven by me writing this review, but here we go! NoStringsAttached is a site for married dating which includes married men having affairs with married women as well as single people looking to date married men or women. Whichever kind of affair dating you are looking for, I promise you that you can find it here.

The Beginning:

One of the things I really liked about NoStringsAttached when I first got on it was its layout. The homepage is simple and efficient. They give you a highlight of site benefits, such as privacy (you can see that the site is verified and secured by site host, experience (they have been up and running for over 14 years), and members (over 3,400,000), and direct your attention to a simple join form. Signing up for NoStringsAttached is as simple as picking a username, stating who you are (man, woman) and who you are looking for (man, woman), and giving your email address. Once you get through to the main members’ page the site doesn’t lose any of its user-friendly layout or slick design. It’s very easy to figure out and use.

The Results:

I have a great successful results ratio on NoStringsAttached. In three months I sent approximately 105 messages and received approximately 45 replies, giving me just under a 50% return rate. Most affair dating sites that I have been on had somewhere more between a 0%-20% return rate, so when it comes to active messaging No Strings Attached is by far the most successful affair dating site I have been on.

  • 105 messages sent
  • 45 replies received
  • 40 dates arranged
  • 35 dates had
  • 34 confirmed affairs


After chatting with those 45 women I had arranged 40 dates. For one reason or another a few of them cancelled and I ended up having 35 actual dates (some were just me going straight over to their house or a hotel, but for the sake of ease I’m calling any in-person meet-up a date). Out of those 35 dates, I had sex 34 times. Yes, I had sex with women who were not my wife 34 times in three months. Yes, I’m a very active cheater. Yes, you can be, too.

Tips, Tricks, & Tactics

Through my time on various affair dating sites,, I’ve found that most men have no idea what they are doing (which is why so many of them can’t get a woman and jump immediately to calling the site a scam). It’s good news for guys like us because it means we have less competition, but it also means that we have to be on our A game so that stand out. Here are a few tips and tricks I have for using NoStringsAttached:

  • Complete Your Profile: Because NoStringsAttached has anonymous profiles, you have to make sure that you put in the effort to make your profile sound like someone that these women want to meet and have sex with. What you say isn’t as important as saying something in general. So many men leave their profiles blank and I can tell you for a fact that women ignore those.
  • Get A Gold Membership: You can use a free account on just fine, but upgrading to a Gold membership will really improve your experience and your chances at success. With a Gold membership you get access to more features (including the private phone calls, chat rooms, and video messaging, among others) and your profile will show up at the top of searches done by other members.

And here’s the #1 tactic I use when looking for women on

  • Look For Vulnerable Women: It might sound kind of shady, but if you are looking for fast and easy sex the best way to get it is to look for vulnerable women. Every woman is looking to get something different out of an affair, but the women who are looking for sex out of revenge (on a cheating husband) or because of lack of self-esteem (even the sexiest woman will feel bad about herself if her husband doesn’t give her proper attention) are the most vulnerable and the most easy to take advantage of.

nostringsattached-affair-datingThe Best:

The best thing about is that it is full of women looking for sex with married men! But really, there are a lot of things I like about and the way they run the site. Here are a few examples.

  • Anonymous Profiles: In their efforts to remain totally discreet, No Strings Attached helps every member create an anonymous profile. This is just like a regular dating site profile, except that any identifying information is withheld. Every other member of No Strings Attached will only see the anonymous version of your profile until you give them permission to see more (which they can only do after granting you access to their full profile so that you can see who they are). It keeps you safe from anyone who may discover your secret.
  • Private Phone Calls: Through No Strings Attached, you can make private phone calls to other members. This is very handy in keeping phone bills and call logs safe from any prying eyes because it is done through the site and not your phone and no phone numbers are involved.
  • Low Price: Compared to the last three affair dating sites I tried, No Strings Attached has had the cheapest monthly membership price. With a year long membership you only pay $18 a month which is less than I spend in a day on coffee and smokes!
  • Customer Service No Strings Attached’s customer service team is top-notch. They work 24-7 and have a toll-free number or an instant chat service where you can talk to someone right away. They are always very courteous and are in no way judgemental.

The Worst:

  • Some Fake Profiles: I want to preface this by saying that I don’t believe any of the fake profiles I’ve come across have been created by NoStringAttached themselves, but that they are outside scammers trying to direct you to other sites and apps. It’s annoying and potentially dangerous (if you don’t know how to spot them), but luckily NoStringsAttached does their best to delete them and even has a ‘report’ button located on every profile so that you can alert their customer service team to any potential fakes.

The Verdict: is the perfect site for married dating, whether you are looking to have an affair or simply want to experience sex with a married person. They pride themselves on the discretion, security, and safety of the site and on the anonymity they provide to their members. They have an excellent product, a huge user base, and outstanding customer service. I can’t imagine ever having the need to seek out another affair dating site ever again. is simply the best affair dating site online.

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