Is NOTHING Compared To Other Affair Sites Is NOTHING Compared To Other Affair Sites A Real User Review

nostrings-affair-dating-scam likes to present itself as the next big up and coming married dating site, but since being on the site for a few months, I can’t see why. Not only is there nothing special about, but it really is like they just aren’t even trying. I am already on an affair dating site that works great, but I was looking to expand my pool of potential women when I joined No Strings. During my entire three months on the site, I never encountered a single thing that impressed me and I never successfully used the site to find any affairs.

The Beginning:

Joining is easy enough. There is a simple join form with common questions: I am (attached male, single male, attached female, single female), I am seeking (attached female, single female, attached male, single male), username (4-16 characters), email address. None of that is what bothers me. What bothers me is the other information presented on the homepage. NoStrings claims to have 1,362,112 members (which is a lie) on the homepage and then in another part of the site they claim to have over 3,435,461 members (which is definitely a lie). NoStrings also uses the word “free” six times on their homepage. I can tell you from experience that if you want to use, it is not free.

The Results:

Despite my displeasure with much of my first encounters with, I did pay for a three month membership, just on the off chance that the site may surprise me. Unfortunately, no matter how much time and effort I put into my time on NoStrings, my results were nothing short of pitiful:

  • 514 messages sent
  • 45 replies received
  • 19 prostitutes
  • 1 date arranged
  • 1 date no-show
  • 0 affairs

After sending out a massive 514 messages to women on No Strings, I was only able to arrange one single date. However, I waited two hours for that date to show up and they never did. I tried messaging them again on NoStrings, but they have ignored me ever since, even though they have continued to update their profile. I don’t know whether that was a cruel joke or what, but that’s the kind of people who you will find on NoStrings. You know what other kind of people you will find on NoStrings? Prostitutes. Lots of them. Out of the 45 replies I received, 19 of them were from prostitutes. In the end, I had a grand total of zero affairs using


The Worst:

There is not a single good thing that I would say about They have nothing that makes them a great, or even good, affair dating site.

  • No Members & Bad Members: NoStrings barely had any members in my city. To even message as many women as I did I had to expand my search to include my whole state. The members that they do have are inactive and don’t reply to messages, are people who like to set up dates and then not show up, or are prostitutes trying to recruit some new clients.
  • Lies & Costs Money: As I said before, No Strings constantly lies about their site, their members, and their cost in order to get you hooked on the site, and then they drop membership fees on you and don’t let you do anything on the site unless you pay them.
  • Scams & Spams: It is my impression that NoStrings does not care about finding you an affair or even about being a decent website. They only care about convincing you to pay for a membership so that they can make money. That, in my books, is a scam. And to add insult to injury? No Strings also sends at least two to three spam emails every single day. That’s not exactly comforting when you are trying to hide your affair tendencies from your wife.

The Verdict: is the worst affair dating site I have ever used. It’s cheap, useless, and full of prostitutes just looking to take more of your money. If you are looking for a legitimate affair, look elsewhere.

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