Scam Alert! Don’t Fall For The’s Tricks!

Scam Alert! Don’t Fall For The’s Tricks! A Real User Review

victoriamilan-affair-dating-scam isn just as shady, scammy, and vile as the site they modelled their site name on (an obvious rip off of the name Both sites need to learn that a cute feminine name can’t covered up the thick layers of deceit, disgrace, and indecency they have wrapped themselves up in. VictoriaMilan is a scam. Their site is filled with nothing but fake profiles luring you in convincing you to give them your money. Don’t be fooled like I was—save your money for a real legitimate affair dating site!

The Beginning:

VictoriaMilan seems like a legitimate affair dating site at first—they have a slick homepage, a familiar sign up form, and “real user” testimonials (which have to be as fake as VictoriaMilan’s members because I can guarantee no one had an experience like that on this site). It’s so easy to join, and it only takes a few minutes to give them all the information they ask for. However, this ease and speed of the process is a big part of their plan to rope you in! Don’t fall for it!

The Results:

I stayed on Victoria Milan for three months. Three loooonngg months. I made the mistake of paying for a membership so I was determined to see it through even though I had figured out their scam after only a day or so. Anyway, here’s how I did:

  • 389 messages sent
  • 48 responses received
  • 0 real women
  • 0 meetings
  • 0 hookups
  • 0 affairs

My results speak for themselves, I think. Zero meetings. Not a single hookup. No affairs to speak of. I didn’t even come across a single real woman looking for an affair on VictoriaMilan. Those 48 replies I got? 32 of those were from bots created by Victoria Milan, which are essentially just fake profiles programmed to reply to you to make you feel like there are real women on their site. It can take a little bit of investigating to spot them as fakes, but trust me, they are only programmed to say so much and then it becomes quite obvious as they start to repeat themselves. The remaining 16 of those replies were from prostitutes. Within their first response they let me know that they would be willing to have sex with me for a price. I don’t have anything against prostitutes or anything, but if I wanted to have sex with one of them I wouldn’t be using an expensive site like VictoriaMilan to do it. Not a single one of my additional 341 messages received responses.

The Worst:

This list should in no way be considered complete, but here are some of my biggest complaints about Victoria Milan:

  • VictoriaMilan Bots: The hot women fake profile bots that Victoria Milan installed on their site are deceitful, immoral, and honestly kind of creepy. Not only do they offer you no chance of an affair (because bots are not real people, obviously), but they continue to get your hopes up again and again just to keep luring you back to the site.
  • Prostitutes: If I wanted a prostitute I would be out looking for a prostitute. I’m on affair dating sites to find horny housewives and women who are bored with their marriage like I am, not to find women who make their living off of having sex.
  • Expensive: VictoriaMilan does not allow you to do anything on their site before paying for a membership and unfortunately, that membership fee ain’t cheap! For a three month membership I paid over $200!
  • Spam Emails: You better hope your wife never peeks at your inbox, because VictoriaMilan sends about four emails a day no matter what you select for your email preferences. There’s nothing about their emails that are discreet either. The most recent one I received had the subject line “HOT AFFAIRS WITH LOCAL HORNY WOMEN! CHECK YOUR MATCHES NOW!” Not exactly subtle.

The Verdict:

Whatever you do in life, DO NOT JOIN VICTORIAMILAN.COM! It is a waste of time. It is a waste of money. It is a waste of your life. There is so much better out there waiting for you. Don’t waste any of yourself on a site like this.

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